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Kayla Itsines BBG WK 2

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Lengthy post with lots of writing, be warned!!! So, I've just finished week 2 of my Kayla Itsines BBG, so as promised here's a little update! (Bare in mind that i'm doing the 4 week pre-training before I get into the actual ACTUAL hardcore, psh like the pre-training isn't hardcore as it is!) For any of you that haven't seen my first post, you can check it out here.

This week I lost my ways a little bit, (woe is me) and went out drinking for bank holiday (don't even try and tell me you didn't indulge even just a little bit), to be fair, I did only go out on the Sunday night, and I didn't have any Easter chocolate this year so i'm going to praise myself for that, but the problem was, once I started eating a little bit bad, I couldn't stop myself, so now bank holiday is over and i'm starting week 3 of the pre-training, i'm back to eating well again!

Week 2:

I found that I did A LOT better this week than the week before. I was still struggling with leg day but only as much as I should be to be changing my body. I did however, stretch properly this time and although I was a little sore, I could walk just fine and managed to get down the stairs without any assistance, so the moral of the story is, STRETCH. I did find arm and abs day easier than last week though, probably because I knew what to expect!

I'm also super excited that the weather is getting warmer and I can walk back from the gym without a coat on and without freezing my t*** off! It's a lot nicer coming back from the gym in that weather and the good weather definitely motivates you to get up and move! Maybe that's why Kayla manages to work out every day, she does live in Australia after all!

Anyways, that's all to report this week! Check back for my week 3 pre-training post!!

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Are any of you doing the guide?
How are you getting on?

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Ciao bella

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