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The Clothes Show Live 2014 - the aftermath

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Now this is a long overdue post, I've been so busy with Uni lately that all I managed to do was have a brief look at the pictures I took at The Clothes Show live, let alone upload them to a blog post! However, I've broken up from Uni for the Christmas holidays now and thought I'd get back to the blog before I start my Christmas project!

So anyway, what is The Clothes Show live? In simple terms, it's a fashion event held once a year in Birmingham in the month of December, hosting a huge fashion show filled with tons of dancers and models and a packed out NEC full of fashion and beauty stalls, with loads of discounted products ready for you to buy, from vintage through to designer, and Rimmel through to Elemis, there's something for everyone.

This is what I wore:

(Excuse the weird face i'm pulling on the right, apparently I can't smile normally!)
Comfy shoes are a must for The Clothes Show, the amount of shopping takes it's toll after a while!

The fashion show was brilliant and was my favourite part of the event, so I got some photos to share with you all! 

so, did you go to The Clothes Show live? What did you think?

Ciao bella

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