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The boot list

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With the summer nights starting to come to a close, all the students beginning to make their way back to the cities, and London Fashion Week just around the corner, I've found myself scouring the internet for the best of the best ankle boots for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. I love a good ankle boot and was surprised to hear of a store called "spy love buy" that sell some fab footwear at even better prices, just what my bank balance needs after this summer! Here are my top 3 picks:

1. The "bodacious" shoe, you can buy these here for only £32.95. These look like the perfect everyday heeled boot and I can see them looking great paired with tights and cute skirts for winter.

2. The city shoes. You can buy these here for only £24.95. I LOVE these, they work with everything and take you right through the seasons. They are also a complete dupe of the Topshop version but at half the price!

3. Last of all are the "Exquisite" boots. You can buy these here for only £26.95!!! These are my favourite of the 3. They are so classy but still edgy with the peep toe as well as the cut out back. These will look amazing with some leather leggings on a night out or some ripped jeans in the day!!

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