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Day in the life of a student and new purchases!

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So I moved into my new student house on Monday, with a couple of guys i've lived with before and a new girl that is absolutely lovely. I was a little worried about this new house as the previous house was such a mess and had so many problems it was impossible to deal with, but i've now moved in and this house is perfect. I've got my little sewing corner all set up and both wardobes are now full (whoopsies). This didn't, however, stop me from buying even more clothes! Of course being a student and waiting for my next batch of student loan means sale shopping is where it's at!

First of all, check out my Primark bedding! Isn't it cute?
These two pieces were from Stradivarius, now i've never shopped here before but I heard it was the same company as Zara, so therefore figured that it must be good quality, and I can tell you now I love both of these two items I bought! The blue boyfriend blazer was in the sale for only £13, and the top you can get here for only £15.99! I admit, this wasn't in the sale but I love it nonetheless and I'm going to also purchase it in burgundy! (I don't think it's acceptable to buy the black as well, three of the same top is borderline addictive right?)

I also bought a few other bits from the H&M sale which is also a really great sale! Check it out here. I'll upload some photos of these bits when i've thought about how i'm going to style them. For now here's a photo of me "doing uni work".

That's all for now!
Ciao bella

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  1. Such a pretty delicate top! I'm waiting for my student loan too, sale shopping has been done lol, xoxo.