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Something new and something blue

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Duster coats/throw on coats seem to be the new craze, so naturally, I decided to make myself one. You may have seen the lovely Kylie Jenner wearing the blue one from Asos, so I searched high and low for some baby blue fabric and found the most gorgeous tweed look, baby blue crepe. This is the final outcome:

Coat - Tashface handmade, Necklace - Phase 8 sale, Shirt - Topshop (old), Leggings - Zara sale.

I'm super pleased with the outcome of this and I will now be making them to order and to sell through my facebook page (linked above), depop (nhutchins1) or through email order (email in sidebar). Check out my instagram @tashfaceeee to keep updated with all my new items! 

What do you think of this duster coat trend?

Ciao bella,

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  1. Very nice look! And the background is just amazing!


  2. That's a very lovely coat. :)