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OOTD: The gypsy days.

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Last night I threw together a skirt made out of a fabric seen in Topshop very recently. I managed to get my hands on some of the fabric and decided to take matters into my own hands and create what I call, my gypsy skirt! Now we all know a good ol' gypsy skirt is one of the pretty little layered midi skirts that we all had back in the 90's (with the added big round belt as an accessory), it's not one of those, it's purely because of the print! Here's me styling it up:

Check out the miserable face on picture two! My bandeau top is asos sale, and belt is vintage, my skirt was made by me and all my handmade clothing can be purchased here, the bag is Ralph Lauren (See last post) and my cardigan is good ol' Primark!!
I've bought far too many clothes lately I thought making some may save me some money! That's all for now,
Ciao bella 

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  1. Love the skirt, especially since its bespoke!

    Sam xo sjmcdf