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Introducing: Maylash, the industries exciting lash serum promising to create longer, denser, and fuller lashes and discount code!

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Today I am going to talk to you about a product that is fairly new to me called Maylash. Maylash is an eyelash serum like no other, it promises the same results as other eyelash serums, but according to reviews, actually works!

It promises to create naturally longer, denser and fuller lashes within as little as 1 - 3 months, while using ingredients that will not irritate your eyes unlike other serums. It also does not contain prostoglandins, a medical grade substance that can cause some horrid side effects, often found in eyelash serums, (google it it's cringey).

Some of the claims are:

Upto 70% longer, 30% denser, and 40% fuller eyelashes. Just check out this example:

As you can see it has made a clear difference to this ladies eyelashes!
I have just received this product and I am so excited to try it. Of course as soon as I have tested it out for long enough to notice the difference, I will be posting a full review on here, with my own before and after videos. 

In the meantime you guys can all get 30% off with my discount code 'natasha30' but please note this code only works for 10 days! 
The original price is only £49, which makes it £34.30 with the discount, nearly £15 off, which may sound a lot to some people, but bear in mind this product lasts 3 - 4 months and it much cheaper than eyelash extensions/all those fake eyelashes!

To check out the website click here, there's also a brilliant video you can watch on this link explaining in even further detail about the product, as well as more before and after photos, find this here!

That's all for now, check back for the updated review!
Ciao Bella

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