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Style Icon: Grace Kelly, Focus: Rear Window

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Grace Kelly is a true style icon. I only ever really noticed when I started watching Alfred Hitchcocks "Rear Window" (1954). Before I watched this I didn't really know much about Grace Kelly, but since I started looking into her and some of her famous outfits, I noticed how much of a style icon she really was. In the original film, Edith Head was the costume designer. Edith and Grace were very good friends so it was  only right that Edith dressed her for this part.

Grace Kellys look in this film was very "New Look" by this of course I don't mean the high street store, but Diors famous "New Look" of exaggerated curves and tiny waistlines. She fully embodies the true glamour and style of the 50's, very elegant and truly feminine. 

This white top has to be one of my favourite of the outfits worn in the film, so classy and sophisticated with a slight sex appeal.

Check out Ediths illustrations for these outfits, they are stunning!

Now on to Vogues beautiful editorials of this film, which just like Grace Kelly, really embody the elegant fashion and beauty of the era. 

And then we have by far, my favourite image of the collection:

This dress, the hair and make up styling, the setting, I just love everything about this.
Maybe i'll base a project on it in the future!

What do you think of Grace Kellys style?
That's all for now,
Ciao bella!
Tash x

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  1. Not enough posts like this, a true beauty and how to show style and sex appeal without revealing too much skin. A project based on this would be awesome, I love the 50's xx