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Sarah Hankinson - one of my favourite fashion illustrators.

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Sarah Hankinson is one of my favourite fashion illustrators of all time, her work is a contrast between simplicity and pops of colour, bringing out the most important details of the image.

Sarah is based in Australia and studied illustration and graduated in 2004, and since then has worked for brands and companies such as Impulse body spray, Target and Yen magazine. As she says, her work 'captures the pulse of modern style with her classic illustrations, which pair soft splashes of colours and meticulous line work to portray surface and depth, control and impulse, form and silhouette. Her work balances light and dark to create elegant and provocative illustrations drawn with a harmonious combination of traditional and mixed media techniques.'

My favourite aspect of her work is the simplicity, and the very sharp and precise line work. I love how so much can be put across by such a simplistic drawing with only a hint of colour. 

About Sarah:

Hankinson originally started within graphic design but then moved onto illustration where she really captured her love for drawing, painting and fashion and first started drawing when she was very young. Her work is mainly drawing, layered pencil with a hint of colour, and she loves to capture an essence of beauty within her work. She says that she tries 'to make each piece a balance of light and dark, thick and thin lines, empty and full space.' 

Her main love from fashion actually came from her mother. Her mother was a dressmaker and so growing up around fabric and clothes, fashion almost came as a second nature to her. Hankinsons inspiration comes beautiful photography, blogs, fabrics, colour combinations, and different cultures amongst many other things.

Her process:

'I use a dangerously sharp 2b greylead pencil to draw the model on a soft watercolour paper and then I bring in a coloured medium to add interest to the piece. After scanning the image I play around with the curves and layers in photopshop to adjust the contrast.'

Sarah's work to me captures the essence of beauty, femininity and art within fashion. It brings our attention to specific details and helps us to understand the mood of a piece. If you want to check out her work further you can do so here, or here, and you can also purchase prints of her work here

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Tash x

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  1. These Illustrations are beautiful!
    I'm just in love with the little bra drawings!
    Such intricate details and they almost look real!


  2. It's perfect, I'm in love with this Illustrations :)