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Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation review and where have I been? A little update.

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So a few of you might be wondering where I went and why I haven't done a blog post in so long. It's because I started Uni at the end of September, (studying fashion if you wanted to know) and I have just been so busy! Working is also quite hard when you're a full time student, some might say it's easy, but when you do Uni 5 days a week and work 3 days a week, with homework on top and trying to have a social life, it can get pretty overwhelming! But i've got on top of my coursework and now i'm back, I promise!!

So let's get on with the review:

Now you may have seen my Nars Sheer Glow review, (if you haven't you can see it here.) I do still think that Nars Sheer Glow is good, but it is definitely no where near as good as this foundation, and considering the price difference, I will not be buying Nars Sheer Glow again unless I run out and want to use it for a night out!! Here's why;

The Bourjois healthy mix, let's call it BHM for short, is lightweight and does not clog pores, it is also brilliant at giving a flawless finish, a lot like the sheer glow in the sense that it has a nice glow as opposed to being matte, but doesn't make your skin oily.

Sorry for the terrible lighting, the lighting in my new house is terrible!

So I'm going to rate this out of 10 on all the common questions asked about foundation:

- Coverage - 6/10, not bad, but not heavy, light to medium I would say. It covers enough but you can still see my dark freckles through.
- Texture - 10/10, this feels so lightweight and almost feels like water to apply!
- Smell - 7/10, I like the smell, it smells very fresh, but it definitely DOES HAVE a smell and I know some people don't like that.
- Price, £10 isn't bad at all! 9/10!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I also have a new blog for Uni as well as this one, follow me here, this will include all my work, fashion illustrations, art work etc! I will be following all followers back! I also have a new twitter for Uni too, follow me here, I will, again, follow all back!!

Ciao Bella!


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  1. I always see positive reviews about this foundation but never buy it but I really want to try it out as the idea of it being lightweight really appeals to me!
    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award if you want to check that out as well! http://lacelipstickandme.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

  2. this is my favourite foundation! great review x


  3. I swear by this foundation for daytime!
    I wear it to work and it's so natural and makes my skin look flawless!
    Best of luck with Fashion School, I was studying fashion last year and practically abandoned by stuff with the heavy workload I was given!


  4. Aww thanks Serena! It really is brilliant! Best foundation I've used in a long long time! I'm starting to catch up now, hopefully it stays that way!