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Benefit Porefessional dupe? Benefit Porefessional vs 17 photo flawless primer.

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When I first bought the Porefessional primer, I fell in love, and I realised that nothing would ever compare as I have bought so many primers and nothing has worked as well. I did however run out, and thought I would just buy a cheaper alternative until I got paid. This is where the Seventeen, Photo Flawless Primer came in.

With it's silicone base, much like the Benefit version I thought i'd give it a go.

This is what the Seventeen version looks like. You can tell that I've had it a little while, a little while being a month, and the writing is already wearing away on the front.
The image on the left is Benefit Porefessional, and the image on the right is Seventeen photo flawless primer. You can see from these photos that the porefessional appears smoother, and I also rubbed some into my hand on both images and the Porefessional already seems to work better even just on my hand.

All I really want from a primer, is minimized pores, smooth skin, and something that my make up would sit well on top of.
I chose this one and I was impressed, it really is a very very good primer. I do prefer the Benefit Porefessional though, and I am still using this one most days, but this Seventeen is a good alternative for when I run out. So here are my pros and cons:

Benefit Porefessional:
Pros - Flawless finish when make up is applied after,
          Ultra soft skin
          Pores are minimised,
          Super cute packaging,
          More product than Seventeen.

Cons - Price tag (I don't mind spending much on a primer that I know is going to work well but I can't afford it all the time)

Seventeen Photo Flawless Primer:

Pros - It does fill in pores

Cons - Skin can feel a little gritty after using, and if you use it over moisturiser it will flake a little
           packaging - I know this isn't a major big deal, but when you see the packaging of Benefits                      version, you would much rather have the Benefit version in your make up drawer.

What would you prefer? Price, or Quality? and does packaging make a difference to you?
Ciao Bella,

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  1. I tried the 17 primer and wasn't impressed with how it left my skin, super dry and didn't add any longevity to my makeup!


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  3. I too love the Porefessional, and I'm close to being out. Its such a hassle paying so much. But I do really love the quality, so I find that the price (although steep), is worth it.

    I'm a new follower.

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  6. Love the fact its relatively cheap

    huge fan of the blog :)


  7. The benefits porefessional sounds like an amazing product but it is very pricey for a primer :(