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What I got for my birthday.

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Today I thought I would let you all know what I got for my birthday, as I love reading blog posts about things like that. I'm not sure why really, maybe I'm just a bit nosey, or maybe just to see what things are about that may be worth purchasing, you know, those things you normally don't want to buy because of how much they are, but also, maybe just because it gives a good idea on what to buy other people for their birthdays! I don't know. Well anyway, enough rambling.

Just as a little disclaimer, please don't write any negative comments down below. I am no way bragging or anything like that, and yes I didn't pay for anything I will write about, but I am extremely grateful and thankful for everything I received, no matter how big or how small! 

So anyways, back to the post! As it was my 21st I received a couple of really beautiful things that I can keep and have wanted for a really, really long time! My main two presents were off my parents, I received this beautiful purse from Ted Baker:

This is a close up of the pattern. It's a pale pastel pink kind of colour with almost a water colour floral effect throughout. The detail is amazing. There are some parts that are almost blurred (printed purposefully that way of course.) It gives a really pretty almost vintage effect to the print. 
And of course it comes with the trusty bow clips for your change with the "T" and "B" initials in pretty writing. The gems are like a pale purple/pink and are surrounded with the rose gold coloured metal. The zip across the back is also rose gold!
I should probably also mention that the purse is real leather, and comes with a cute little booklet of how to care for your leather. I love Ted Baker, especially the purses and this one was like nothing I've ever seen before!

The second thing that my parents bought me was a watch from Larson and Jennings:

This is quite possibly the most classy, beautiful watch i've ever seen. I did ask for this one specifically, because just look at it. I've never seen a watch so beautiful in all my life! It has a black watch face with gold numbers/lines on it with a gold outer casing and a suede black strap with the logo very faintly embossed to the side of the strap. I love how flat the watch face is on this as well. And the strap fits my tiny wrists perfectly with no over hang or without me needing to punch in extra holes.
I also got some other things. I got my dressing table paid for, a new tattoo, which you can see here, a beautiful pocket watch off my brother which you can see here, 2 lovely new bags, some soap and glory bits, Moroccan oil, and I also got some money, of which I have bought some lovely things with that I will probably post about soon.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me on GFC and BlogLovin

Ciao Bella!

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  1. Great post & blog!! Thanks for much for the follow, I followed you back :)



  2. Theres something about watches with gold casings that just makes them look super elegant. Happy belated birthday! (:



  3. That's what I thought!! Thank you sweetheart!!


  4. Definitely a super classy watch, & that purse is the cutest thing, wow! :)


  5. classy watch! so beautiful :)