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Outfit building, featuring Primark cut out boots and my 99p fur gilet!

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I have always been into fashion and styling, and recently I've found myself doing a lot of outfit building, not specifically for my blog or anything like that, but just because I enjoy doing it, and I like to have outfits in mind when I want to wear a specific item!

I thought that I would start posting outfit builds on here, as a lot of people have been asking me to do style posts, I just haven't had the time lately with work, but i'm going to be doing a lot more from now on, I promise!!

People have been asking to see how I would style my new Primark cut out boots, so I thought that would be my starting point. I also bought a beautiful fur (not real) gilet from a charity shop for 99p the other day! I'm so excited to start wearing it, I love Autumn Winter fashion!

Primark cut out boots - £20, Topshop grey tube skirt - £20, Sheer shirt - Unbranded, charity shop, any cream or beige long sleeve shirt would look lovely! Faux fur Gilet - 99p - Charity shop.

This is also another outfit from the other day:
Topshop Striped Tee - £16 ( I rolled the sleeves up myself as they are very long) Topshop leather leggings - £18, Asos Rose gold chunky chain necklace - (sold out but you can get a similar on in gold from Topshop for £12.50 here)

Let me know if you like these kind of posts and if there are any requests on how you would like to see me style certain things, just post a comment or email me and i'll be sure to start doing them!

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Ciao Bella

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  1. I'm dying to get those black cut out boots the next time I go to a Primark, ahhh!

  2. Absolutely lovely post!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster award, all the questions and how it goes is on my blog post here: http://beautifullylaced.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/the-liebster-award.html

    :) xo

  3. I just really love your boots and your neckless

  4. Those boots, that fur. YES! Autumn cannot come sooner!


  5. Loooovely outfit and even lovelier blog :D

    Now following! :)



  6. That neckless is so cool i will have to have a look on topshop:) I have followed you, maybe check out my blog and follow me if you like it?? xx

  7. I love your style. Those are gorgeous boots and that gilet was a bargain! :)

    Sarah x

  8. You have great style! I love Topshop but we don't have one where I live and I don't see us ever getting one. So I'm forced to shop online. Anyways I love your blog, please consider checking out my blog when you get the chance.


  9. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check my blog post for details http://simplestylings.blogspot.com/2013/08/liebster-award.html