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My Summer Sale favourites!!

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Now, is it only me that thinks the sales have been a bit rubbish this year? Like, not quite up to standard with the last few summer sales there has been? I don't know, maybe it's just me, or maybe it's just the stores where I live or something like that, but here's my top 3 picks out of all the sales I've seen online, and I have to say, H&M really has been the best, for bargains as well as top products!

1. This bag from H&M, £17. 2. This Jumper from H&M, £6. 3. This Cami from ASOS, £13. 
I've based my "favourites" around price, whether I can wear it in winter as well as summer, and also the quality. I think that this bag looks like a fairly decent size and shape as an everyday bag for me. I think it is classy with the 2 tone, monochrome look, and I also think that the price is amazing, I love H&M bags and I was looking at purchasing this before it even went in the sale!

The top from H&M is of course a jumper, and I know some people think it's silly buying jumpers when it's summer, but have you seen the weather in Britain?! I don't know whether i'm coming or going, and I have no idea when it's going to start raining either! Plus I think this will still look amazing come winter, and the quality looks really good for the price. I can imagine this with a pair of leather leggings, or maybe a black skater skirt with some black tights and chunky boots!

The Cami is very basic, but the rich wine colour is always a hit for me, especially in the winter. I think this will be great for a summer evening, with leather leggings and heels, or with a cardigan and jeans in the winter!

I've been through so many other sales and these are still the only purchases I will be making come payday. I've seen some other lovely pieces but I know that after a couple of wears i'll be bored of them! So this is it, my sale favourites! 

Let me know if you see any amazing sales, or products you've found!
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Ciao bella, 
Tash x

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  1. Number 3 is gorgeous!


  2. I love the striped top! So pretty. :)


  3. Hi...nice blog...would you like to follow each other on both gfc and bloglovin..?
    let me know...