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Discount codes! Because we all love a good bargain!

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Hey guys! Today is just a quick post to let you know about some of the awesome discounts and things that are around at the moment!

Of course you all probably know that Topshop have now gone into their mid season sale, and new lines have been added, so get in there while you can ladies, there's some cheapo pieces in there!! You can also get student discount off sale items too!!

Second off is Asos have also gone into sale, 50% off most things and there's some beauties in there!!

Thirdly, H&M customers online will receive 25% off their highest priced item in their bag on their first order when they sign up to the newsletter, and here is a code for £5 off that can also be used in conjunction with the 25%! - 1304

And last but DEFINITELY not least is my favourite, xtras.co.uk are giving all customers 15% off THIS WEEK ONLY, so get in their quick!!! Their website is super cheap anyway so you're bound to get some good bargains! If you don't know what xtras online is, check out my recent blog post on it here! The code is - PAYDAY15

If you hear of any other great offers or discount codes let me know! I'm a sucker for an offer!

Ciao Bella 

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