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Marc Jacobs tote bag in association with Diet Coke

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So today my lovely boyfriend bought me a can of diet coke. Not just any can, the last Marc Jacobs one they had in store. He's so damn cute <3 So anyways, I didn't even know they were running a competition, but they are. It is to win a limited edition Marc Jacobs tote bag in association with diet coke, and it looks like this:

Kinda cute don't ya think? Well all you need to do to win is buy a can of coke and send a text with the code under your ring pull to the number on the can. I just won myself this beauty and I think you should all enter too. I never win anything so i'm pretty over the moon! Let me know if you do it and you win! 
Good luck!

Tash x

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  1. Thats so cool, I always thought people would never be ablevto win anything for competitions like this! x


  2. I never ever ever win things and I really never thought people could win stuff like this, I always thought it was a scan, so I decided now I might as well try things like this more! :)