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Happy Easter to me...

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Today I bought myself a couple of things. I re purchased the M.A.C studio fix foundation because I seriously think it is THE best foundation for my skin. I've never had any problems with it except maybe that it rubs off on my phone, but hey ho I can't have everything!! I also purchased these super cute Cath Kidson style pyjama bottoms from Primark, only £6 and super comfy! 

I also noticed with my last M.A.C foundation, that even when I thought I'd finished the bottle, I really hadn't!! Due to it being glass and a 'stay put' foundation it set along the sides off the bottle and the pump doesn't quite reach far enough to get the last of it out. Cheeky buggers aye! So with any bottle like this where you find it hard to get the last bits out, I just stick a sponge eyeshadow applicator down the bottle and scoop it out! The sponge means that it will pick up a lot of product, and I think i may have got another 2 or 3 uses out of it doing this!!

Tash x

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