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What I bought this week!

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Disco Pants - Internacionale £11.99, dungarees - Topshop £38, crop top - Topshop £18, Skirt - Topshop £34.

So this week I bought a few things and felt they needed sharing. First of all I bought these disco pants from Internacionale. Always looking for a bargain, I wanted a pair that were cheap as chips to wear every day, because as much as I love the American Apparel ones, I can't afford than kinda dolla right now!! I went for ones with a band round the waist (unexpectedly as I normally hate them) because this band makes my waist look SO flat and small I just had to get them. I also got them in the size down because they're so stretchy, the size 8 was just too loose! I'd highly recommend getting these if you just want a cheap every day pair!
Next I got a set of dungarees. These take me way back to when I was a child! With a cute little crop top on these look so sweet and summery! Which brings me on to my next purchase, the blue little crop top from Topshop! I wear this with my dungarees, with one strap of the dungarees folded down. Throw in a cute little bandana and you're set to being a 50's throwback! 
Last but not least I picked up this skirt. This is normally not my style but I LOVE it, and it makes my figure look amazing. I'm not normally one to wear print, but the colours work so perfectly together I had to have it! I'm going to wear it with a cute little black crop top, a chunky rose gold chain, and some black chunky knee high socks, hello festival grunge!!


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  1. i love the dungarees, they are very cute and the price is great! :)


  2. Skirt is beautiful! Also LOVING the dungarees.
    Will check out these cheap as heck disco pants for sure. xx