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The Clothes Show Live 2012!! (Fashion Show photos and what I thought)

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This year I attended the Clothes Show Live again, this is probably my 5th year i've gone!! I went as press the last two years, however I didn't this year as I wanted to experience it from the point of view as a shopper more than a blogger.

I want to start off by saying that I went on the last day, now I think that the last day is perfect for younger people or people that want to see the show more than the shopping side of it, purely because by the time I got there loads had already sold out. The models own stand had ran out of goodie bags and Candy Kittens and Benefit Cosmetics weren't there which is what I was really looking forward to.
The best part about the last day though is that everything is discounted further (well, most things). This is why I think it is better for school children etc. For example, on the first day the models own nail varnishes were 2 for £10 with a free goodie bag, on the last day they were 4 for £10 and a free goodie bag, shame they ran out!!!!! 

The discount also means you can haggle with the sellers, I got 2 tops for £12 instead of £14 just by asking if he could do me a deal, they also dropped a leather jacket from £45 to £30 for my little sister because she was younger. However, personally I would have rather gone on a different day and got everything I wanted. This is the first year this has happened to me though, so i'm basically saying Clothes Show is getting more and more popular by the year so get your tickets quick next year!!!

Here are my photos from the fashion theatre catwalk:

I don't have any pictures of what I bought, but I got a Lee Stafford goodie bag (10 items for £10).
About 5 different vest tops,
2 tops for my boyfriend from Your Eyes Lie for £5 each.
A brown faux fur coat (£30)
A dress and leggings from oh my love (2 for £5!!!!!!!!!)
2 tops from In Love With Fashion.
An American Apparel style hoodie for £5.
An Elle goodie bag for £3 which included 2 magazines, a free St Tropez gradual tan and a Jemma Kidd eyeliner,
and a bag of perfumes (5 for £20) although I've decided I don't like the perfumes so a waste of money!! :(
That's all for now, maybe i'll go as press again next year and take more pictures, I'm going to go on a different day too so I get better stuff!!!!

Ciao Bella


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  1. I went and enjoyed it so much!!)