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So i've been away for a while, but i'm back!!! I hope...Bloom gradual tan review!

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Here we have the Bloom "fair normal skin tone" gradual tan. This product was in the sale for £1.99, and I guess I was happy to pay that, but when I found out the original price was £16, I couldn't believe it, so I was really excited to try the magic of the tan! Now i'm not normally a girl that likes to tan, mainly because i'm so pale I reflect the sun, however I like a bit of a gradual tan to give me a glow. I already use the Dove gradual tan, and I 100% swear by it, I love it and would never change it, but to give this a go for nearly 90% off? Why not. 
I'll tell you why not. It's rubbish. I really wanted to like this because I think the Bloom make up that I have tried is fantastic! But this just did nothing!!! Bearing in mind i'm extremely fair anyways, gradual tans are normally like spray tans to me, but this did not show up in the slightest. All I ended up with was very yellow insides of my fingers. I looked like I had a disease. It doesn't moisturise that great, and is very highly perfumed. I'm guessing this is to mask the normal "fake tan biscuit" smell, but it's just too strong and not nice at all, and as for moisturising? It's very oily and soaked in super quick but also dried super quick and didn't leave behind much moisture. I guess it has nice packaging though?!
All in all, this product is a 1/10, purely because I may use it one day as a normal body moisturiser! 

Tash x
p.s - Sorry if I seem to have given up on my blog, I haven't, I've just been very busy lately and haven't had time to pee let alone blog!!! :( 
Ciao Bella x

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  2. Thank you sweetheart! So is yours! :) xx