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Olia hair dye review!!

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First of all, I have to say. I was a bit naughty and stole this photo off the holy grail of google, as I just didn't think I would ever do a review of hair dye....so I didn't keep the box! This isn't the colour I used either, it's just the only decent sized photo I could find!!! I used the plain "Brown" colour. I thought I'd do a review on a hair dye, which I guess is a bit boring, but how many people stress over what hair dye to use every day? I know I did. So I thought this would be helpful to some of you!!

The first thing that I found odd (not bad, just odd) is that the dark brown in this range looked a lot darker than the regular brown?! Say whaaaat?! So I picked up the regular brown as I wanted a really dark colour, but I didn't want black.

The oil based formula is meant to make your hair look shinier and better condition, to be honest I didn't see much of a difference, but then as I use argan oil anyway, maybe that's why?!

I'm super happy with this dye and will definitely be using it again. The fact that is is ammonia free is spot on and the huge range of colours makes it a lot better than some other dyes too. It also has a velvety texture, therefore means that when you put it on your hair, it isn't going to run all over your face!!

Pros: Colour range
Colour effect
Oil based - good for your hair
No ammonia
silky look to your hair

Cons: Price maybe? £6.99 for one box when I use 2 is a bit pricey!
Don't rate the conditioner that comes with it
That's about it really?

Tash x

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