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Free MUA immaculate palette!

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So the Superdrug that I work in has the MUA pro range coming in. So I had a little rummage and found some excellent bargains, baring in mind that if you spend over £8 on MUA at the minute, you get this fantastic eyeshadow palette of 24 eyeshadows completely FREE, so if I were you i'd get down there.

Now I was completely obsessed with MUA at one point, and to be fair I am still pretty impressed with their range, I think for the price you can't go wrong, and their undressed palette is one of my most used eyeshadow palettes. I will always prefer my more expensive eyeshadows though as I do believe you get what you pay for, but i think MUA is better than the likes of bourjois etc, it's kind of hit and miss at times but like I said, for the price it's totally worth it.

I do have to say though, these gel eyeliners are AMAZING, they stay on and don't budge all day, so i'm incredibly impressed with that.

Also, who can't go wrong with a clearance?! The blue and white twist up eyeliners were 49p, the gosh lilac eyeliner was 99p, the gosh eyeshadow stick (apparently waterproof) was 1.99, the famous concealer was 10 GOD DAMN P, and the Gosh "dazzle dust esque" think was 1.99.

Swatches in order (apart from the concealer) quite excited to do a purple and blue smokey eye with these. The concealer is amazing as an under eye concealer!!!

I'll be back soon with a Bloom haul, keep those peepers peeled!!

Tash x

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  1. great post!


  2. Lovely photos. I've heard a lot of great stuff from MUA products. When you get a chance I'd love it if you could check out my blog, I'm recently new to blogspot.

    Xaimarys ♡

    1. Your blogs cute, i love the name, followed x

  3. can't believe you got that for free! amazing colours! :) i've never tried MUA products... i may have to pick some up! :)
    just followed your blog, love it!

    1. thank you sweetie!! I followed your blog too :) xxx