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Semi expensive make up, found incredibly cheap, say whaaaaat?!

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I went into my local Poundland recently, I never normally shop for much in there but I had some time to kill so thought I'd rummage around for a bit. I am so glad I did!! I found these 3 fantastic Revlon lip glosses, or "lip glides" as they like to call them, for a pound, of course. I did also find other rimmel, collection 2000, and even some Stila powder puffs.

Revlon left to right:

Shade 17 - Patent leather pink
Shade 09 - Grazed Almond
Shade 55 - Peachy sheen

The other 2 lip butters are by Gosh, and I got them in the Superdrug clearance section for £3 each. These are just as good as the Revlon lip butters and are a lot more pigmented than you'd think!

Swatches Top L to R - peachy sheen, patent leather pink, and grazed almond.
The bottom is a swatch of the Gosh in 30 - Barbie, and above it is shade 32 - Angel.

Also, a weird comment, but the lip butters by Gosh smell amazing!!!!


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