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Mini Haul and review on what I bought yesterday.

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This week, I had a bit of an issue. The superdrug that I work in is having a major store refit and we are losing tons of the make up, UM WHAT?! So naturally I picked up a few things from the stands we are losing, and I am so glad I did. 

The first thing I got was a BB cream by Sleek, and I have to say that this is the singular BEST BB cream I have ever tried. I like a lot of coverage and this BB cream probably gives the best coverage out of them all. I decided to give it a go after Lydia from cut throat beauty gave me a sample of hers to test. This colour is very pale (just what I needed) and seems to give me a flawless finish ones paired with my famous powder. (I'm getting to that in a minute). Overall, I would say that this gives me a similar effect to my M.A.C studio fix foundation, similar I said, not exact, so I won't be getting rid of my M.A.C anytime soon.
A new offer that we have on is that ALL Maybelliene is 2 for £10. Even the new Colossal smokey eye mascara. I therefore picked up the new mascara and a colour tattoo in shade 'on the go bronze'. I must admit, I LOVE the colour tattoo in this shade, and I think that it is a perfect match to my eye colour. However I am a bit disappointed with this mascara, I was expecting it to have an extra oomph, something a bit different, but when I used it, I found that it was basically exactly the same as my other original Colossal.
The 2 nail polishes on the left are by Accessorize, which we are sadly losing and I am totally and utterly gutted. Accessorize make up is such a stunning brand, everything looks so vintage and pretty, and to top it off, it's really good make up!! I picked up the colour romance (on the left) and molten copper (on the right) How beautiful is molten copper?! I can't wait to use it. 
Now, from Famous I have a No shine face powder in shade 'mmm bop' and a blusher in shade 'scandal'. I am totally in love with this powder, it is honestly the best powder I have ever used, and I have used A LOT. It is also the only one I have ever hit pan on. So when I found out we were losing it, I naturally stocked up...I now have 3...oops. This blusher is also fantastic, it is extremely pigmented and such a beautiful colour. The tiniest bit covers my whole cheek, so i'm pretty happy by this purchase!!
Swatches of 'Scandal' and 'on the go bronze'.

I've also re ombred my hair with my extensions back in...maybe i'll show you in the next few days!!

Ciao Bella,
Tash x

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  1. thanks for the swatches!
    "on the go bronze" looks really nice


    1. It is lush!!!! It's just a bit hard to pair with other things because it's so shimmery!!! xxx

  2. Oh no as if you're losing Sleek and Accessorize! A great opportunity to stock up though haha. The nail polishes look lovely.

    1. eeeeeeek i've stocked up too much!!!! we are getting all the mua pro in though so i'm pretty stoked for that!

  3. Love the sound of the BB cream! It's hard to find one's with a decent amount of coverage.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Sunday xoxo

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check it out

      ciao bella xxx