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It was my birthday the other day, I therefore treated myself to shoes...

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Ok, it was my birthday so I was allowed to buy myself a present. So I got these shoes. Now, do these look like the same pair of shoes to you?! Do they?! Yes they do, but they are in fact most definitely not the same. The pair on the left are from daisystreetshoes for £33, and the pair on the right are Topshop allegra's and are around the £70 mark. I thought i'd give daisy street shoes a go and I am ridiculously impressed. I'd say if you're a larger size in your shoe, go up a size, for example if you're large size 6 go for a 7, if you're a small - normall 6 these would be perfectly fine. They are so comfy and don't even feel like you're wearing heels, so go get em!

Tash x

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