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I went to Boots and this is what I bought...

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I went to Boots and felt almost ashamed of myself for bringing custom to the enemy twice in the same week. (I work in Superdrug). However sometimes it's just near enough impossible to not pop in and see what offers they have when they're only next door.....so here's what I got:

Blusher - 17 in shade 'China Pink', A primer (Also by 17) and this free 'Get bronzed kit' (Bronzing kit free when spending over £5.99 on 17)

I only really bought this for the bronzing kit to be honest, i'm a sucker for a free gift! But i'm actually in awe at how amazing this primer and blush is!
This is what I got in the kit:

Eyeshadow in shade 'statuesque'. I am in LOVE with this eyeshadow, it's a very pinky based brown with a silver shimmer, works perfectly with my skin tone and dark eyes!! I will be using this a lot!
Cream blush in shade 'Bronzed'. I'm not sure how much i'll use this as i'm a bit too pale for bronzers to work properly, and i'm not keen on cream consistency blushes.
And last but not least, a Lip Gloss in shade 'In the nude'. I think the name lies a bit here, as it comes out exactly the same colour as it looks on the tube, which to me is a pinky brown, not a nude, but hey ho, I love it!

Maybe I will do a look using these at some point in the future?
Tash x

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  1. I love a good ol' Boots trip, i was end up leaving with something :) China Pink is such a lovely blush shade

    Hope you'll pop over to my blog and enter my 1st ever blog giveaway for a chance to win a MAC lipstick of your choice and some Sophia With Love goodies :)



  2. blush looks nice!:)


    1. The blush is gooooooorgeous!! Especially as i'm pale, quite doll like and a flushed effect when I use it, it's gunna be perfect for winter!!

  3. Oh I really love 17 - I need to get more of their products!
    I used to work in superdrug and always felt really guilty going in boots ;) I can never decide which one I prefer!
    Love Holz oxo


    1. Ahhhh i'm the same!!! I love working in superdrug but Boots has so much more stuff!! More expensive though eeeep :/ The fact they're right next door to each other, and when I finish work in superdrug I pop next door is pretty cringey!! haha xx

  4. love the look of these! im finding im really ramping up on all things golden and bronze cos soon before we know it we won't be able to... urgh i hate that summer is almost over!


    1. You're joking right?! We haven't even had a summer yet it sucks!! :( I think i've had one sunny day......