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How much is my (work) face worth?

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Thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and let y'all know how much my face is worth, my work face that is, it seems to range depending on how lazy I am, and what kind of style i'm going for. I say work face because this is the face that I went for at work today, whereas normally I can range from full out there make up to practically nothing. Here 'goes...

This is my face I'm going to add up for you:

Moisturiser - Garnier pure - £4.10
Primer - 17 photo flawless - £4.99
Foundation - M.A.C studio fix £21.50
Concealer - Rimmel stay matte - £4.99
Under eye concealer - Famous - £4.99
Powder - Famous No shine powder- £4.99 
Contouring - Sleek contour kit (I think it was £8.99)
Blusher - Famous in the shade 'Scarlett' - £4.99
Lip liner - Elite in the shade nude (got in the clearance for 99p) 
Lipstick - MUA in the shade bare (shade 14) - £1
= £61.53

That's actually pretty cheap I think compared to my other make up, but I guess for work I don't need to spend too much. This just shows me how much make up I actually wear, oops! 

I'd love to see everyone elses!! I tag you all!!!

Tash x

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