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So this is me, I thought I better introduce myself officially. The one thing people said about this photo is that I have perfect eyebrows. Now, i've had this compliment before, and even though I heard it before, I still thought it was weird, until I started to think about all the horrendously awful eyebrows I see every day, I then realised mine are pretty rad, top tip, use eyeshadow to fill your eyebrows, not pencil. Eyeshadow is a lot less harsh and so easy to find a perfect shade to match your hair/eyes/skin tone.

I found this beauty not so long ago (maybe a week?!) It's the new Famous brow kit. This, has made my make up routine so much more compact, it's so easy to use and they even give you tweezers to make your eyebrows extra perfect. It comes with a beige shade, to go under the brow to give it more definition, a blonde and a brunette. The brunette is perfect for me and I use it every day! It also comes with brow gel down the centre and a double ended slanted brush. I think it was around the £6 mark? Definitely worth buying!!!

That's all for now,

Ciao Bella!!



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  1. You really have flawless eyebrows. Thank you so much for following! :) xo - JoJo