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Did I mention I buy ridiculous amounts of make up?

By 01:58

So this blog is a bit boring at the minute, I haven't really been buying anything to share with you guys because i've been working so much, but I did dye my hair and get some more MUA make up bits which i'll show you. Did I mention I work at Superdrug? That's why the majority of this blog is cosmetics at the moment...

 This MUA lipstick is amazing, only £1 and 2 coats has covered perfectly and I have had it for like 2 days without any chips! I also got this eyebrow pencil, I think it's a little bit to heavy for me, but is very smooth and goes onto your skin extremely well, I would definitely recommend both of these!!
Oh and this is the brown I did my hair £4.99 and buy one get one free! Also I am extremely impressed, like, majorly with the conditioner in this, conditioning balm I think it's called. I would buy the hair dye JUST for the conditioner it's that good, it fully sorted my damaged hair out!!

I am also going to  be dip dying the ends of my hair lilac and pastel pink next week....wish me luck!!!

Tash x

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