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My She Said beauty box!!!

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So look what turned up in the post yesterday! My very first beauty box ever eeeep! Now I have a confession to make, as this is the May beauty box I was already aware what was going to be in my box as I may have possibly watched a few reviews on youtube, but I was still super excited! So although you probably know, I will tell you what I got in it, so here it goes:

This is my actual beauty box and what was inside it, don't you just love the packaging?!

This was the bonus gift that I got and I love the cute little bag it came in! Not sure what I'll use it for yet but i'm sure it will come in handy! Here I got 3 little sachets, a day cream, night cream and a face serum by a brand called "Snowberry". I love the look of these but they say anti ageing....so I'm not sure I really need it but hey ho it can't hurt to try! 

Now just look at how cute these eyelashes look, like seriously they are so pretty. I love that I got a natural set too because I am rubbish at putting these things on, so I can practice with these ones! The R.R.P is £6! 

This is the Kim Kardashian perfume, I love this little sample because it's a rollerball and it's pretty cute, however I don't like getting samples of perfume in things like this because I think you can just try that in store, but oh well. I'm not sure on the fragrance itself, I think I like it but I can't make my mind up. They also give you a 40% off code to buy the fragrance in the box!

This soap is meant to be part of a set of 3. I am disappointed I got this one if i'm completely honest because it just smells of old ladies :( I'm sure I can find a home for this somewhere, maybe in the guest building! 

I also got a 15ml bottle of a Green People SPF15 sun cream with tan accelerator, which, due to the weather, I haven't been able to use yet, but we shall see! 

Tash x

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