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I think have a problem...

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I am pretty sure that I have a pretty bad shopping problem, 18 items of make up in the past 2 weeks? This is what happens when you work with cosmetics every day. So here I have ANOTHER make up haul, I'm actually very happy with this one!

Ok so this Nails Inc nail polish is a baby blue pastel colour and it is BEAUTIFUL, and I got it free with InStyle magazine this month! There's 3 to collect so get on it. 
Ok so in the '3 for 2' offer across cosmetics in Superdrug at the minute I picked up 6 MUA items. The clear nail polish (shade 17), the middle lipstick (shade 7) and the 3rd lipstick that actually has a name!! It's called Bare and is shade 14, I'm quite excited to use this because I've heard a lot of talk about it and I've been looking for a nude lipstick for ages!

Top - Shade 7
Bottom - Shade 14 (Bare)

I also picked up these 3 eyeshadows, in shade 12, 19 and 30 (in order as appears). I am so happy with my white one that I purchased the other day that I cannot wait to try these!!! Shade 12 doesn't show up on the picture too well but it is a pearlised brown with a green undertone, so beautiful! And number 30 is a lot more gold than it appears here!

Top - Shade 19
Middle - Shade 30
Bottom - Shade 12

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