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Glossybox June 2012, Anniversary edition!

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Yaaaaaay so today I got my first ever Glossybox and it is the June 2012 anniversary edition!
This box was of course the normal £10 a month and £2.95 postage, and I can tell you now , it was totally worth it. 
Just for anyone that doesn't know, this is the anniversary edition because it is Glossybox's 1 year anniversary this month! Now, let's move on to showing you what I got...

How cute is the balloon and extra little present for us all in this months box?! (It's a compact mirror)

Now I must admit, as I have said before, I do not like perfume samples in beauty boxes, but I was SO happy to be receiving these samples. I don't like the one on the left but the one on the right....I just have no words...It's perfect, and a 50ml bottle in House Of Fraser is only £49...now I know this is a little pricey, but can anyone say FREE parisian shopper with any purchase over 50ml?! I WILL be purchasing this...praying that I get enough in my pay check eeeek!

On the left is an all in one hair treatment by "Uniqone." This is 9ml sample, and is a leave in spray mask. A full size is 150ml and is £13.99, which REALLY isn't pricey in the slightest seeing as what it is! It is a repair for dry/damaged hair, shine and frizz control, heat protection, silkiness and smoothness, hair colour protection with uv/uvb filters, de tangler and easier to brush and iron, long lasting hair styling, adds body, AND split end prevention. I used this tonight and yes, I WILL be re purchasing. It is the best treatment  I have ever used on my hair and I have only used it once!!

On the left is a set of false eyelashes worth £8.95 per strip, (of course they are full size, they haven't just given me one strip or something) and are by "lets go lashes". They are 100% human hair and re usable. Wait what....re useable lashes?! Love it.

Now this product I was a little disappointed with. It is a sample size (full size is worth 10.95 +) but it was in totally foreign languages so I didn't really understand what to do with it, but I read on the card supplied it is a face cream/body milk by Weleda. It smells of roses....and my nan. Not too keen! It also made my skin feel the same as what most high street moisturisers make it feel like!

This is by Noble Isle and is a "summer rising bath and shower gel." Again, it's ok but just not amazing, I've smelt better! 

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  1. Ive only just started getting Glossy Box too. I think they are pretty good value for money considering what you get inside! And it's pretty exciting getting the box too! xx


    1. Yeahhhh I love the wait and not knowing what's going to be inside, like a little birthday surprise every month!! Love your blog, cheeky little follow coming your way sweetheart! xx

  2. This post makes me want to get the glossybox subscription now, especially just because of the packaging aha x

  3. cute balloon!