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What did I buy then?

By 11:23

So i'm not really sure how well this photo is going to work...but anyways, I went shopping on my break from work yesterday and although I didn't buy much I think I bought things worth mentioning! So here they are.
I should probably let you know that I am a total bargain hunter by the way, although I will have the odd expensive few items I rarely buy anything to expensive!

So saying that, this bag was from Dorothy Perkins and was £5!!!!! Seriously!!!! You can't see it all that well but it's a rich black suede material, has a snakeskin handle and edges and a burgundy inside, and gold buttons!
The earrings were...are you ready for this....£1(!!!!!!) from Newlook, and the lipstick is a brand called MUA, the picture doesn't show up a great example of the colour, however it is really bright, and this was also £1. The MUA make up range is fantastic!

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  1. the bag was such a bargain and it looks amazing *_* i love it!
    so many lovely things you've bought!
    in btw I think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear!
    feel free to check out my blog as well, if you like :))



    1. Hey thank you sweetheart! I know right all I seem to do these days is pick up a good bargain :p
      I started following you! It doesn't say you're following me though, but you have a nice blog :)